Sponsors and CROs partner with our top enrolling sites here in North Central West Virginia.

Exemplar Research's network of regional Sites has developed an effective model for outpatient studies. We have dedicated Principal Investigators with experienced clinical coordinators at each site that are solely dedicated to research. 


Why partner with Exemplar Research & our Sites?


  • Most of our partner Sites are high volume, free standing clinics that serve an “under-utilized” population here in N. Central WV

  • We have been the top enrolling sites in the region, and in the Nation for many studies with a 128% avg. enrollment rate

  • We have partnered with the largest CROs and pharmaceutical companies in the world

  • We are the only independent (non-University) study sites in all of the North Central Region of West Virginia

  • You, the CRO or Sponsor, have full access to our Investigators and their sites (unlike many SMOs).

  • Our practices have a combined 40,000+ patient populations, covering various therapeutic specialties and indications. 

  • We have 3,000+ opted-in subjects through social media for future study recruitment

  • We have centralized patient recruitment, screening, scheduling, regulatory and contracting - and we can typically have contracting completed within 5 days or less.

Our PI Specialists:
Allergy & Asthma, Family & Internal Medicine and Infectious disease..

All of our PIs are affiliated with the three primary hospitals in the region: Ruby (West Va. University) and United Hospital Center in Clarksburg.

Easy Access to us: We are just a 1 hour drive from Pittsburgh, PA, and just a :35 minute flight from Baltimore (BWI) into Pittsburgh, or Bridgeport, WV.

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Site Demographics:

Morgantown, WV

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Fairmont, WV

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