Our Team

Greg Jones

Executive Director & Founder

With 25 years in the healthcare segment, providing private practice operations management services and expertise to hundreds of physicians around the country, Greg has provided oversight in the creative design and patient enrollment / site support initiatives for over 200 clinical studies in the last 8 years. Greg has worked with some of the largest AND smallest CROs and Sponsors in the industry. His role is to support all contract activities and to ensure that all patient enrollment efforts are optimized and provide overall site support to all coordinators and Principal Investigators (PIs - the healthcare providers).


Cearra Appleton

Clinical Study Manager, Regulatory & QA


Cearra began her career in clinical research in West Virginia working as a Clinical Research Associate with the CRO United Bio Source Corporation where she monitored sites and helped prepare sponsors for FDA audits. Prior to becoming part of the team at Exemplar Research Inc. Cearra worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator covering a wide variety of research areas including pediatric vaccines, adult vaccines and multi-therapeutic pharmaceutical trials. Cearra received her Bachelors of Liberal Arts degree from West Virginia University. She is a current member of ACRP.


Cearra is responsible for the implementation of clinical research studies for drugs and devices applicable to many therapeutic areas. This includes study execution and management, daily monitoring of Investigational site’s progress, strict protocol adherence, and drug and device accountability. She is also responsible for the management, preparation and submission of clinical documents for Investigational Review Board and Sponsor submissions. Cearra ensures all regulatory and IRB documentation is in adherence to FDA Regulations and ICH/GCP Guidelines.

Bryan Towns


Bryan has over 25 years in the healthcare segment, providing private practice and institutional operations consulting to hundreds of physicians and facilities around the country, while also serving as an Ethics Commissioner for the West Virginia State Ethics Commission. Additionally, Bryan serves on numerous boards from local charities to a university Board of Governors.  Bryan provides general oversight to overall site operations and contract management.