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If you are interested in being contacted for a particular research study, just review each actively enrolling study below. Fill out the form below the studies and we will contact you immediately for some initial screening questions and scheduling, The questionnaire below is very brief and the answers you provide give us a better idea of whether you may, or may not qualify for any one of the studies. Your information is never shared with a third party. Participation is entirely voluntary.

NO Insurance is required & compensation for your time and travel if you qualify.

Asthma Study
Asthma treatment (for patients without COPD). 
If you've had a worsening of your asthma symptoms and have been treated with a steroid and/or antibiotic in the last 12 months, you may qualify.  
If you have been diagnosed with COPD, unfortunately you do not qualify.
$75 compensation per completed visit for at least 8+ visits to you for your time and travel, in our Mileground Road, Morgantown office..  Limited enrollment - Sign up now.

IBS Clinical Study If you have been suffering with IBS with diarrhea  or with IBS and constipation, you may qualify.


You may qualify for study treatment if:

  • You are Male/Female Aged 18-70

  • you have NOT had your gallbladder removed

  • you do not have diabetes


Study participants will receive $75 per completed visit for 9 visits over 14 weeks,

You can visit for even more information on this study

Hot Flash Treatment study ---- Enrollment starts in a few days


If you are interested in this study, please complete the web-form by selecting the "Enroll Here" button.  We will contact you once enrollment begins hopefully next week/Mid January. Make sure you "Like Us" on Facebook for all updates.

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