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If you are interested in being contacted for a particular research study, just review each actively enrolling study below. Fill out the form below the studies and we will contact you immediately for some initial screening questions and scheduling, The questionnaire below is very brief and the answers you provide give us a better idea of whether you may, or may not qualify for any one of the studies. Your information is never shared with a third party. Participation is entirely voluntary.

NO Insurance is required & compensation for your time and travel if you qualify.

Because of the Coronavirus COVID 19, and because we are an essential health care clinic, we have taken the following precautions for our research volunteers.


  1. You will be the only individual in our office at a time (we will never have more than one patient scheduled at a time).

  2. You will be able to wait in your vehicle until we text or call you to let you know that you can come in.  We will check your temperature prior to you entering the office.

  3. Our staff will provide to you, a face mask that you will be able to wear in our office.  It’s yours, and you can certainly keep it to wear for your subsequent visits.

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IBS Clinical Studies If you have been suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) with diarrhea  or with IBS and constipation, you may qualify.  


IBS D (diarrhea) : You may qualify for study treatment for pain if you:

- Your are a Male/Female aged 18-75

- Have abdominal pain​ (intensity greater than 3 out of 10)

Study participants will receive $75 per completed visit for every 8 visits over 10-30 weeks (depending on which IBS study you qualify for),

You can visit for even more information on this study

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